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Partnership Deed

Loose / Light - 4 Parties

Four Parties Partnership Deed (a general partnership) will be established under local law. It provides a basic Partnership framework only. This deed is drafted to impose looser / lighter obligations on the parties.

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The document should be signed by the authorised signatory (or directors of a company) and witnessed to complete the formality.

Document Preview

Document Description

This partnership deed can be used to draft for establishing a general partnership for four parties under the law of a specified jurisdiction. This deed is drafted to impose looser / lighter obligations on the parties.

This deed provides a basic partnership framework only.

A deed must be witnessed by another person over the age of 18 and the witness cannot be a party to the deed.

The Partnership Board shall meet quarterly. In addition, any Partner has the right to convene a meeting of the Partnership Board at any time. Any meeting of the Partnership Board shall be called by the Chairperson and conducted in accordance with the provisions of this clause 7. The quorum for any meeting of the Partnership Board (other than an adjourned meeting) is a majority in number of the Directors. At an adjourned meeting any two (2) Directors or their alternates present shall be a quorum.

A meeting of the Partnership Board may consist of a conference between Directors who are not all in one place, but of whom each is able (directly or by telephonic communication) to speak to each of the others and to be heard by each of the others simultaneously; and the word meeting in this deed shall be construed accordingly.

In the event of deadlock on any vote taken pursuant to clause 7.10 which cannot be resolved after a further meeting of the Partnership Board, the matter shall be referred to the Chairperson / Chief Executives or other senior representatives of the Partners whose determination (if unanimous) shall bind the Partnership Board.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the Partners in the proposed partnership.

Partners who wish to establish the partnership should complete their personal and business information as much as they could.

Please provide the territory / jurisdiction where the partnership will be formed, the name of the partnership, and the purpose of business of the partnership in creating this deed. The initial capital contribution from each partner and property and assets initially owned by the partnership should also be indicated.


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