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Merger / Acquisition Announcement / Press Release

Close Association

A press release regarding a successful acquisition or a merger from the perspective of the Target. It informs the audience of the new business address, contact information, and personnel change.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Merger / Acquisition Announcement / Press Release' is a formal announcement made by a company to inform its clients about a recent merger or acquisition. The document starts with a personalized greeting to the client, followed by the announcement of the association with another company. The association is described as a close association, indicating a strong partnership between the two entities. The name and address of the associated company are mentioned to provide transparency and credibility.


The document further explains that a new company has been formed as a result of the association, and the name of the new company is provided. The announcement also mentions that the company will be moving to bigger premises, and the new address is provided. Contact details such as telephone number and website are also mentioned for easy communication.


The importance of the document lies in its ability to inform clients about the positive changes happening within the company. It highlights the expansion of services and the commitment to maintaining personal contact and interest in clients' affairs. The document aims to assure clients that the merger or acquisition will result in improved services and a stronger foundation for the company.


Each section of the document serves a specific purpose. The greeting and introduction set the tone for the announcement. The mention of the association and the formation of a new company provide the main information. The details about the new premises and contact information ensure that clients can easily reach out to the company. The closing remarks express gratitude and maintain a professional tone.


Overall, the document serves as a formal communication tool to inform clients about a significant change in the company's structure and to reassure them of continued quality service.

How to use this document?

1. Address the client: Begin the document by addressing the client using their first name and last name. This personal touch helps establish a connection.

2. Announce the association: Clearly state the date of the association and the name and address of the associated company. This provides transparency and credibility.

3. Introduce the new company: Explain that a new company has been formed as a result of the association. Mention the name of the new company and its practice area.

4. Mention the new premises: Inform the client about the relocation to bigger premises. Provide the new address and contact details such as telephone number and website.

5. Highlight improved services: Emphasize that the association will enable the company to offer improved services to clients. Assure clients of the company's commitment to maintaining personal contact and interest in their affairs.

6. Express gratitude: Conclude the document with a sincere closing remark, expressing gratitude for the client's continued support.

7. Proofread and finalize: Before sending the document, proofread it to ensure clarity and accuracy. Make any necessary revisions and finalize the document for distribution.

8. Distribute the announcement: Send the announcement to all relevant clients via email or other appropriate channels. Ensure that the announcement reaches the intended recipients in a timely manner.

9. Follow up with clients: After sending the announcement, follow up with clients individually to address any questions or concerns they may have. Maintain open communication and provide any additional information as needed.

10. Monitor feedback and adjust: Monitor the feedback received from clients regarding the announcement. Take note of any suggestions or concerns and make adjustments as necessary to address them effectively.

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