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A press release regarding a successful acquisition of Target or a merger from the perspective of the Acquirer. It gives a brief background of the target, the potential synergy and future development of the new business entity. It also informs the audience of the new business address and personnel change.

We are immensely proud of this marriage of two [DESCRIBE INDUSTRY – key players in the industry]. was founded in [year] and has been [DESCRIBE BUSINESS OF TARGET – a successful company in the industry. It has over [number] products in the industry and is a big player in [country].]

[DESCRIBE ANY SYNERGY – As a result of this [acquisition / merger], [we can vertical integrate and consolidate our operations to improve efficiency.] / [with doubling of our workforce, we hope to meet the rapidly increasing demand of our customers.] / [we will be able to provide better service in [area].] / [we will be able to expand the scope of our solutions and services in the [sector.] / [we can offer a wider variety of products in this [area].] / [we can increase our distribution network and shorten our delivery time.]

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Declaration / announcement / notice / press release


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