Corporate Communications / Public Relations / Announcement

A. Corporate Communication


Corporate communication is the practice of developing, cultivating and maintaining corporate image or brand image. Effective corporate communications help to shape the company's image, communicate with customers and other stakeholders, and maintain a long-term good reputation. Through public relations, press releases and other corporate communications, customers and other stakeholders will be made aware of the latest news of the company - e.g. promotions, expansions, new products and services, annual revenue and achievements, philanthropy and community outreach efforts. The goal at all times is to project a unified message and a consistent corporate identity.


Press release, unlike paid advertising, is usually sent to public relations companies and the mass media in the hope that the editor will approve for publication and broadcast. As such, it must be interesting, timely and newsworthy enough for it to be selected and published. It is drafted in a third person tone and in a different format so that the editor can readily use the communication without redrafting. 


The first paragraph should summarise the press release and should be newsworthy. Try to be as factual as possible. Accuracy and completeness of details are especially important for press releases as they will be published by news agencies and the mass media. You should also include an e-mail or telephone number for the editor to contact should more information be required.


B. Public Relations


Public Relations is different from Sales and Marketing in the sense that it attempts to influence public opinion to create a good image of the company. It seeks to create and maintain goodwill on a longer-term basis as opposed to the immediate sale of products and services. Whether it is an announcement of an opening of a new shop, or holiday notification to customers, it should be drafted in a friendly gesture to show the company's interest in the customers. 


In particular, where customers are likely to be affected due to a disruption of service, advance notification is a good way to forestall complaints. Education is another useful tool to inform / explain to customers information relating to your company / industry and at the same time promote your products.  


C. Announcement


Announcements may take the form of news release, advertisements, earnings, change of senior management, mergers and acquisitions etc. Announcements are another way to portray a good image of the Company to the public. Certain formal announcements, such as an earning announcement, have a set format to follow as required by the stock exchange or other regulatory authorities.