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GDPR Readiness Letter


Ensure data compliance with our Readiness Letter template. Protect personal information as we assist your organisation in processing data securely.

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Document Description

The GDPR Readiness Letter is a document that highlights the importance of implementing a secured environment to cater to the security and privacy requirements of customers and users. It serves as evidence of the recipient's commitment to maintaining privacy and complying with applicable laws, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The letter outlines the measures taken to ensure the privacy of personal data, including the appointment of a data protection officer, the implementation of a privacy notice, the establishment of a data privacy policy, and the development of procedures for subject access requests and data breach notifications.


The letter emphasizes that the involvement of Account Job Company is limited to the initial setup and implementation of these measures. The recipient is solely responsible for maintaining the operating effectiveness of the privacy controls and processes on a day-to-day basis. Account Job Company disclaims any responsibility for the consequences arising from the non-maintenance of these controls and processes.


Overall, the GDPR Readiness Letter serves as a formal declaration of the recipient's commitment to privacy and compliance with GDPR, providing assurance to customers, users, and supervisory regulators.

How to use this document?

1. Define the role and responsibilities of a data protection officer to handle privacy-related matters and customer queries.

2. Draft and apply a privacy notice that clearly states what personal data is collected, how it is collected, how long it will be stored, what cookies are used, and how customers/users can give their consent.

3. Draft and apply a data privacy policy to ensure consistent handling of personally identifiable information by all employees.

4. Establish a subject access request procedure to properly handle customer requests for access to their personal data.

5. Implement a data breach notification procedure to communicate and respond to queries from customers, users, or supervisory regulators.

6. Note that the responsibilities for maintaining the operating effectiveness of the above processes lie entirely with the recipient, not Account Job Company.

7. Ensure day-to-day maintenance of privacy controls and processes to avoid any negative consequences.

8. Regularly review and update the privacy measures to stay compliant with GDPR and any other applicable laws or regulations.

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