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Early Termination in relation to Tenancy / Lease

Demand for Compensation by Landlord

In relation to a lease / tenancy / rental, the Landlord seeks compensation from the Tenant for breaking the lease with no grounds for early termination. This is drafted from the perspective of the Landlord.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Early Termination in relation to Tenancy / Lease' is a notice sent by the landlord to the tenant in response to an early termination notice received from the tenant regarding a tenancy agreement. The document begins with the account holder's first name, last name, and address, followed by the name and address of party 1. It is addressed to the attention of party 1 contact.


The document starts by acknowledging the early termination notice sent by party 1 and refers to the tenancy agreement between party 1 as the tenant and the landlord. The document clarifies that the terms not defined below have the same meaning as the agreement. The landlord expresses shock at receiving the termination notice, as party 1 has only rented for x months and signed up for a tenancy term until original.


The landlord mentions that they have only received rent until due and have already paid the agent a month of agency fee. They also highlight that they have missed the golden period of summer holidays when there are usually more tenants available. The landlord asserts that the tenant has breached the tenancy agreement, which has a term of x years and no grounds for early termination.


The landlord demands compensation for the entire term or at least x additional months of rent, in addition to the 2 months of deposits already paid. They request party 1 to pay the specified amount immediately to avoid further legal action.


The document is signed by the account holder's first name and last name. It also includes an acknowledgment section for party 1 to sign.

How to use this document?

1. Review the early termination notice: Read the early termination notice received from the tenant carefully to understand the reasons for termination.

2. Gather necessary information: Collect all relevant information related to the tenancy agreement, including the start date, term, and rental payments received.

3. Understand the breach: Analyze the terms of the tenancy agreement to determine if the tenant has breached any clauses by terminating early.

4. Calculate compensation: Calculate the compensation amount based on the entire term or a specified number of additional months of rent, as well as any deposits already paid.

5. Prepare the response: Draft a response to the tenant, clearly stating the landlord's position and the demand for compensation.

6. Specify payment deadline: Set a specific deadline for the tenant to pay the demanded amount to avoid further legal action.

7. Seek legal advice if necessary: If the tenant fails to comply or disputes the landlord's claim, consider consulting with a lawyer to explore legal options.

8. Sign and send the document: Sign the document and send it to party 1, requesting their acknowledgment by signing the document as well.

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