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A letter before action on a poor quality product with regards to the seller's and product liability. This is to be sent after the first compliant letter in a situation where a product is unfit for its purpose, is of poor quality and/or is not consistent with the seller's description of the product, in addition to failing to notify the consumer of this fact. This is to be sent if the supplier/shop does not offer a reasonable explanation/solution or deny liabilities, and the consumer can demand a full refund or an alternative resolution.

They hereby demand a full refund of the purchase of the amount from the recipient, or alternatively you shall resolve the issue within 7 days, namely on or before the date. Failing which, I will refer the matter to [Relevant Government Agency / Consumer Bureau / Customs and Excise Department] and will also take out a civil claim at the [Court / Small Claim Tribunal] against you without further notice.

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