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Defamation of Company

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A cease and desist letter to the offender to stop making defamatory statements, libel or slander against you or face legal action from you.

It has come to our attention that you have maliciously made unsubstantiated and untrue statements about our company that damages our reputation. The defamatory statements include, but not limited to the "Statements".

Under the laws, the Statements on our company have been conveyed or communicated to third parties to cause them to have a bad opinion on our company, and therefore would constitute slander or the Statements on our company are in written form or digital media and have been conveyed or communicated to third parties to convey an unjustly unfavourable impression on our company, and therefore would constitute libel.

Accordingly, we demand you to immediately (we) retract the Statements, (ii) cease all defamatory statements and (iii) return the signed written assurance that you will refrain from any further act of the said defamation.

You are also required to issue a public apology in <? echo $APOLOGY; ?>.

To avoid legal action from our company, you are requested to comply with the above demands immediately. Please note that, if we were to file legal action against you for infringement, we would be entitled to seek preliminary and permanent injunctions, monetary damages to our reputation, as well as reimbursement of our lawyer’s fees associated with the legal action.


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