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Cease and Desist Letter (with Undertaking)

Copyright infringement

This is a letter of notice to inform a party that they are infringing on your client's copyright. It gives a description of the details of the copyrighted work, and how is the infringing party encroaching on one's enjoyment of their copyright. 

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Document Description

This is a letter of notice to inform a party that they are infringing on your client's copyright. It describes the details of the copyrighted work and how the infringing party infringes on one's enjoyment of the copyright. 

Sometimes, copyright infringements are purely incidental. Giving notice is a cost-effective way to get the infringing party to withdraw their work that is infringing on others' copyright. However, sometimes parties may refuse to co-operate or dispute copyrights. Litigation may then be necessary to protect a person or a company's business interests.

It requires the infringing party to give the undertaking to cease and desist from infringing the copyright in future.

How to use this Document?

The representatives of a copyright holder should use this document. 

Users who seek to use this document should make sure that they are the rightful holder of a copyright; they should seek references from the copyright regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

The receiving party should read this document carefully and seek legal advice from an Intellectual Property Law specialist.

The breaching party should sign the undertaking.


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