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Credit / Invoice / Payment / Demand Letter

Supplier - agree to defer payment

A letter of deferred payment. A supplier is granted an exceptional deferred payment and also kindly remind the client internal payment term. This letter can use for a client and a supplier or a supplier and a distributor.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Credit / Invoice / Payment / Demand Letter' is an important document in the context of financial transactions between a company and its customers. It serves as a means of communication between the company and the customer regarding the payment terms and conditions.


The entire document consists of a letter addressed to the customer, which begins with a salutation and includes a detailed explanation of the company's decision to allow the customer to defer payment of their account to the end of the payment due month. The letter also mentions the reason for granting this request as an exceptional measure due to the customer's promptness in settling their accounts in the past.


The letter further highlights the company's terms of payment, which include a discount percentage for payment within the payment due month days and the option for net cash payment within the payment due month. The company emphasizes the importance of adhering to these terms in future dealings.


In conclusion, the document serves as a formal communication from the company to the customer regarding the deferment of payment and serves as a reminder of the company's payment terms and conditions.

How to use this document?

1. Review the customer's request: Carefully consider the customer's letter requesting a deferment of payment and assess the promptness with which they have settled their accounts in the past.

2. Grant the request as an exceptional measure: If the customer meets the criteria of prompt payment history, decide to allow the deferment of payment to the end of the payment due month.

3. Explain the decision in a letter: Draft a letter addressing the customer and begin with a salutation. Clearly explain the company's decision to grant the request and mention the reason for doing so.

4. Specify the payment terms: In the letter, clearly state the company's payment terms, including any applicable discount for payment within the payment due month days and the option for net cash payment within the payment due month.

5. Emphasize adherence to payment terms: Remind the customer of the importance of adhering to the company's payment terms in future dealings.

6. Conclude the letter: End the letter with a closing salutation and the name and job title of the company representative.

7. Maintain a record: Keep a copy of the letter for record-keeping purposes and future reference.

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