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Freelance / Independent Contractor Agreement - Simple Job


Looking for a neutral Independent Contractor Contract to perform a simple job for your company at an agreed price? Our freelance contract template has you covered!

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Document Preview

Document Description

This document is an Independent Contractor Agreement, which establishes the terms and conditions for a job to be completed by a contractor for a company. The agreement includes the definition of the services to be provided, the agreed price, and the deadline for completion of the job.

The contractor is obligated to complete the job in a good and professional manner, in accordance with generally recognised industry standards and applicable laws. The document also includes warranties from the contractor that the work will meet quality standards and that it will not infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights.

The agreement also addresses assignment, conflict of interest, non-solicitation, and payment terms. The company must pay half of the agreed price upon signing the agreement and the other half upon completion of the job. The contractor is free to work with other clients, provided they are not in competition with the company and there is no interference with the contractual obligations to the company. This neutral and simple job contract is a professional contract agreement, with the contractor agreement form and contract template for independent contractors making it a legal contract for freelancers. This agreed price contract serves as a tool to clarify the expectations and obligations of the parties involved and to prevent potential misunderstandings.

How to use this Document?

1. Start by reviewing the agreement's date and the names of the parties involved, which can be found in the first section.

2. Familiarise yourself with the definitions of terms used in the agreement, such as "Job," "Completion Date," and "Agreement Price," which are provided in section one.

3. Take note of the contractor's obligations outlined in section two, including the requirement to complete the job in a professional manner and comply with instructions and regulations.

4. Review the section on completion of the work (section three), which outlines the customer's right to liquidated damages if the job is not completed by the agreed-upon date.

5. Read through the warranties section (section four), which details the contractor's obligations to provide high-quality work and secure necessary licenses, and ensure the work product is free from infringement and proprietary rights violations.

6. Check section five, which prohibits the contractor from assigning or sub-contracting the job's performance without the customer's written consent.

7. Review the conflict of interest and non-solicitation section (section six), which prohibits the contractor from becoming a party to any agreement that would impede or prohibit the proper execution of this agreement and from soliciting any of the customer's clients.

8. Note that any modifications to the agreement must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties (section seven).

9. Review the payment terms outlined in section eight, including the due dates for payment and the contractor's ability to invoice for additional expenses incurred during the job.

10. Ensure that both parties sign the agreement and that each party receives a copy.

In conclusion, this Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the obligations of both parties and ensures that the job is completed satisfactorily and on time. By reviewing and understanding each section, both the contractor and the customer can ensure that the agreement is executed properly, and the job is completed to the agreed-upon standards.


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