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Engagement Letter and Success Fee Agreement from Advisor / Consultant


Looking for a simple engagement letter and success fee agreement from an advisor or consultant for investor transactions? Our fee-based services can help you succeed.

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

This engagement letter and success fee agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the engagement between an investor and an advisor/consultant to introduce potential investment opportunities. The scope of engagement covers the services that the advisor will provide to the investor, including due diligence and other standard practices.

The investor agrees to pay a success fee equivalent to a certain percentage of the aggregate investment amount, which will be paid within seven days of signing the investment contract. The agreement also includes provisions for confidentiality, termination, notice, and amendment. The document is written from the perspective of the advisor/consultant.

How to use this Document?

Steps to Use the Simple Engagement Letter and Success Fee Agreement Template:

1. Read through the entire document to understand the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement between the parties involved.

2. Fill in the necessary details such as the name, address, and contact information of both parties involved.

3. Ensure that the scope of engagement accurately reflects the services that will be provided by the Advisor to the Investor for the Project.

4. Review the fee structure to understand the compensation that the Advisor will receive for their services. Make sure that the success fee percentage is agreed upon by both parties.

5. Note the responsibilities of the Investor, including payment for their own due diligence expenses.

6. Keep in mind that both parties must agree to keep any proprietary information confidential.

7. Understand the termination clause and how the Success Fee applies in case of termination.

8. Make sure that all necessary information for communication and delivery of notices is provided.

9. Understand the waiver, election to affirm, and cumulative rights and remedies provisions.

10. Ensure that the jurisdiction clause is suitable for both parties.

11. Add signatures and dates to the agreement where indicated.

12. Keep a copy of the signed agreement for both parties' records.

This simple engagement letter and success fee agreement template is an effective way for Advisors/Consultants to advise and introduce transactions on a fee basis. It is drafted from the perspective of the Advisor/Consultant and is easily customisable to fit the specific needs of both parties involved. By following these steps, the agreement can be used seamlessly and efficiently.


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