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Engagement Letter and Success Fee Agreement from Advisor / Consultant


Get a simple engagement letter and success fee agreement from our Advisor/Consultant to assist and introduce transactions on a fee basis to investors. Streamline your investment process today.

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Fill Information

Please fill in any additional information by following the step-by-step guide on the left hand side of the preview document and click the "Next" button.


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Review Document

Please get all parties to review the document carefully and make any final modifications to ensure that the details are correct before signing the document.

Document Preview

Document Description

This document is an engagement letter and success fee agreement between a company (the "Company") and an advisor or consultant (the "Advisor").

The letter outlines the scope of engagement for the Advisor in introducing potential investors to the Company for a specific project. The fees to be paid to the Advisor consist of an advisory fee and a success fee, which is a percentage of the investment amount at the signing of investment contracts between the Company and the investors introduced by the Advisor. The fees will be paid within seven days of signing the engagement letter and investment contracts.

The document includes provisions for confidentiality and termination of the agreement. This letter supersedes all previous agreements and is a legal contract. The Advisor can transfer this agreement to an affiliate in the first six months. The document is drafted from the perspective of the Advisor in favour of the Company. The keywords for SEO purposes are Engagement letter, Success fee agreement, Advisor, Consultant, Investor, Transaction, Fee basis, Investment process, Investment agreement, and Legal contract.

How to use this Document?

Here are the steps to use this document:

1. Start by filling in the required details in the document, including the company's name, address, and the name and address of the party being engaged.

2. Address the letter to the party being engaged and include their contact information.

3. Provide the current date in the letter and explain that the letter confirms the verbal agreement between both parties.

4. Explain the scope of the engagement, detailing what the advisor will do for the company concerning the project.

5. Outline the fees that the company will pay the advisor, including an advisory fee and success fee, and state the deadlines for payment.

6. Emphasise that any payments associated with non-compete agreements, advisory agreements, or other payments not made in respect of the capital stock or assets of the project will not be included as the success fee.

7. Detail the confidentiality agreement and the notice requirements, including the communication address of each party.

8. Explain the terms of termination of the agreement, including the conditions under which the company will remain liable to the advisor for success fees.

9. Provide a jurisdiction clause.

10. Close the letter by expressing anticipation of working with the party and invite them to sign the agreement.

11. The party being engaged should read the letter, agree to its terms, sign and date it and return it to the advisor.

By using this document, investors will engage an advisor or consultant to advise and introduce transactions on a fee basis. It will set out the terms of the agreement, including the scope of the engagement and the fees payable. The document will provide clarity on the obligations of both parties, helping to avoid disputes and providing a framework for the relationship.



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