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Acknowledgement of Payment and Leaves

Acknowledgement of Payment and Leaves

From Domestic Worker / Helper

This is an acknowledgement letter from the domestic worker / helper to the employer listing out all the unused holidays and confirming that all wages, unused leaves, airfare and expenses have been settled and the domestic worker has no other claim against the employer.

It confirms that the employer has settled all unused leaves, outstanding wages, airfares and expenses with the domestic worker / helper as of a specific date. It specifies that payment made by the employer is inclusive of final wage, unused leaves, living quarter, meals, transportation and all expenses required under the contract and the domestic helper / worker has no further claim against my employer.


How to use this Document? 

This confirmation / acknowledgement letter is recommended for an employer ending a contract with a domestic helper / worker. This letter confirms that the employer has settled all outstanding payments with the domestic helper / worker and the domestic helper / worker has no further claim against the employer.

This letter should be addressed from the domestic helper / worker to the employer and executed by the domestic helper / worker. The best practice is for the employer to also sign the document with a witness.


How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

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