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Employment Agreement between an Employer and a foreign domestic helper in relation to household duties. This agreement is drafted in neutral form. Please note that there may be jurisdiction specific employment contract which is mandatory for your jurisdiction. Please check with the relevant authority in your jurisdiction.

The Worker shall be entitled to all rest days, statutory holidays, and paid annual leave.

The Employer shall provide the Worker with [HOURS] hours of continuous rest daily (except for occasional special-care cases), with reasonable rest periods during working hours.

The Worker shall be entitled to [DAYS] rest day(s) a month, on a day mutually agreed. If the rest day was not taken, the Worker shall be compensated in cash as agreed in writing between the employer and the Worker.

The Employer shall provide the Worker with free passage from the Worker's place of origin to [COUNTRY] and on termination or expiry of this Agreement, free return passage to the Worker's place of origin.

A daily food and travelling allowance of [AMOUNT] per day shall be paid to the Worker from the date of the Worker's departure from the Worker's place of origin until the date of the Worker's arrival at [COUNTRY] if the travelling is by the most direct route. The same payment shall be made when the Worker returns to the Worker's place of origin upon expiry or termination of this Agreement.

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