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Foreign Domestic Worker Employment Agreement


This document can be used as an Employment Agreement between an Employer and a foreign domestic helper in relation to household duties. This agreement is drafted in favour of the Employer.

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Document Description

The Foreign Domestic Worker Employment Agreement is an important document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for a domestic helper. It is crucial for both the employer and the worker to understand and agree upon these terms to ensure a smooth working relationship.


The entire document consists of several sections that cover various aspects of the employment agreement. The first section establishes the worker's place of origin and the duration of the employment. It specifies that the worker will be employed as a domestic helper and will reside in the employer's residence.


The next section focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the worker. It states that the worker will only perform domestic duties as outlined in the attached schedule. It also emphasizes the importance of diligent and honest work.


The following section addresses the payment of wages. It states that the employer will pay the worker a specified amount per month, which should not be less than the minimum allowable wage set by the government. The worker is required to acknowledge the receipt of payment.


Accommodation and facilities provided by the employer are discussed in the subsequent section. The employer is obligated to provide suitable accommodation, including a separate room for the worker if applicable. The employer must also provide necessary facilities such as light and water supply, toilet and bathing facilities, bed, blankets, pillows, wardrobe, refrigerator, and desk.


Rest days, statutory holidays, and paid annual leave are covered in the next section. The worker is entitled to a certain number of rest days per month, as determined by the employer.


The employer's responsibility for the worker's passage to and from the place of origin is addressed in the following section. The employer is responsible for fees and expenses related to the worker's departure and entry into the jurisdiction state.


The document also includes provisions for medical treatment and termination of the agreement. The employer is required to provide medical treatment to the worker in case of illness or injury. Termination of the agreement can be initiated by either party with a specified notice period.


Other important sections of the document include provisions for notice of termination, dispute resolution, and the governing laws.


In summary, the Foreign Domestic Worker Employment Agreement is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of the employment relationship between the employer and the domestic helper. It ensures clarity and fairness in the terms and conditions of employment, providing a solid foundation for a successful working relationship.

How to use this document?

1. Provide information: Enter the employer's and worker's information, including their addresses and identification details. This ensures proper identification of both parties.

2. Specify employment period: Clearly state the duration of the employment, starting from the worker's arrival in the jurisdiction state. This sets the timeline for the agreement.

3. Describe duties: Clearly outline the domestic duties that the worker is expected to perform. This helps avoid any misunderstandings about the scope of work.

4. Agree on wages: Specify the monthly wages to be paid to the worker, ensuring it meets the minimum allowable wage set by the government. The worker should acknowledge receipt of payment.

5. Provide accommodation and facilities: Ensure suitable accommodation is provided to the worker, including necessary facilities such as light, water, bed, and wardrobe. This creates a comfortable living environment.

6. Establish rest days: Determine the number of rest days the worker is entitled to each month. This allows for proper rest and work-life balance.

7. Arrange for passage: Take responsibility for the worker's passage to and from the place of origin, including fees and expenses.

8. Provide medical treatment: Ensure the worker receives necessary medical treatment in case of illness or injury. This demonstrates care for the worker's well-being.

9. Termination notice: Both parties should be aware of the notice period required for termination of the agreement. This allows for proper planning and transition.

10. Mediation for disputes: Any disputes arising from the agreement should be referred to the employment agency for mediation. This helps resolve conflicts in a fair and impartial manner.

11. Follow governing laws: The agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction state. Both parties should adhere to these laws and regulations.


Note: This guidance provides a brief overview of the steps involved in using the document. It is important to refer to the actual document for complete and accurate information.

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