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Venue / Event Space Rental Agreement


A venue / event space rental agreement whereby the Licensor gives the Licensee a licence to use the event space. This license is drafted in favour of the Licensor.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This Venue / Event Space Rental Agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions for renting a venue or event space. It is important because it establishes the rights and responsibilities of both the licensor (the party that owns the venue) and the licensee (the party that wants to use the venue for an event). The document begins with a detailed introduction, highlighting the importance of the agreement and the purpose of the venue. It then goes on to provide a section-by-section description of the entire document.


Section 1: Licence

This section grants the licensee permission to use the event space at the venue for a specified period of time.


Section 2: Licence Fee

This section outlines the amount and payment terms of the licence fee, including any additional charges for extra time.


Section 3: Deposits

This section explains the requirement for a rental fee deposit and a security deposit, and the consequences of not paying these deposits.


Section 4: Damages and Other Charges

This section clarifies the licensee's responsibility for any damage or extra costs related to the event.


Section 5: Licensor's Responsibilities

This section outlines the licensor's responsibilities, including ensuring the legality of the venue and maintaining it in tenantable condition.


Section 6: Licensee's Responsibilities

This section lists the responsibilities of the licensee, such as prompt payment of fees, keeping the space clean, and not using the space for illegal purposes.


Section 7: Food, Beverages, and Catering

This section covers the requirements and restrictions for outside vendors/contractors, decorations, and caterers.


Section 8: Clean Up

This section explains the licensee's responsibility for returning the venue to its original state and removing all property.


Section 9: Publicity/Use of Name, Logo, and Photographs

This section addresses the licensor's right to take photographs for advertising purposes and the licensee's restrictions on using the licensor's name or logo.


Section 10: Insurance

This section requires the licensee to show proof of liability insurance.


Section 11: Licence Not a Lease

This section clarifies that the licence is a personal right and cannot be assigned or shared.


Section 12: Miscellaneous

This section includes general provisions, such as the entire agreement, waiver of breach, and forfeiture of deposits.


Section 13: Notices and Service

This section explains how notices should be served and provides the addresses of the parties.


Section 14: Force Majeure

This section releases the licensor from liability for delays or nonperformance due to uncontrollable circumstances.


Section 15: Indemnification

This section requires the licensee to indemnify and hold harmless the licensor from any liability related to the event.


Section 16: No Rights Under Contracts for Third Parties

This section states that only the parties to the agreement have rights under it.


Section 17: Law and Jurisdiction

This section specifies the governing law and jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the agreement.


The document concludes with the signatures of the authorized representatives of both parties.

How to use this document?

1. Enter the names and addresses of both parties in the agreement, ensuring clear identification.

2. Specify the agreed price and completion date of the event space rental.

3. Clearly describe the type(s) of services to be provided by the licensee.

4. Agree on the rental fee deposit and payment terms, including any penalties for late payment.

5. Determine the amount of the security deposit and its use towards any obligations or damages.

6. Ensure full payment of all fees and deposits before using the venue.

7. Hold the licensee fully responsible for any damage or extra costs related to the event.

8. Maintain the venue in tenantable condition and appoint a representative to oversee the event.

9. Promptly pay the licence fee, deposit, and other charges.

10. Use the space only for the purpose of the event and keep it clean and tidy.

11. Obtain permission for any alterations or additions to the space.

12. Arrange for outside vendors/contractors and follow the licensor's guidelines.

13. Return the venue to its original state and remove all property.

14. Allow the licensor to take photographs for advertising purposes.

15. Obtain liability insurance and provide proof prior to the event.

16. Understand that the licence is a personal right and cannot be assigned or shared.

17. Follow the specified procedures for giving notices and serving documents.

18. Be aware of the force majeure clause and its implications.

19. Indemnify and hold harmless the licensor from any liability related to the event.

20. Remember that the agreement is only enforceable between the parties involved and does not grant rights to third parties.

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