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Bond Refund Letter

Request for Bond Refund

This Letter to Request Return of Tenancy Deposit can be used by a tenant or tenants to request the return of a tenancy deposit (or "bond") from a landlord, at the end of a residential tenancy.

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Document Description

This Letter to Request Return of Tenancy Deposit can be used by a tenant or tenants to request the return of a tenancy deposit (or "bond") from a landlord at the end of a residential tenancy. This document is intended to be neutral.

A tenancy deposit (or "bond") is a form of security usually encompassing 1-2 months' rent paid by the tenant to the landlord at the start of the tenant's tenancy.

The bond is held by the landlord, where it is used as a security in the off chance a tenant fails to pay the agreed upon rent or bills, fails to give sufficient notice in leaving the tenancy or does physical damage to a landlord's property. A Landlord should return the bond to the tenant promptly when the tenant vacates the premises after the end of the tenancy.

How to use this Document?

The letter provided can be used to request the landlord to return either a full or partial refund of the bond. In addition, the letter can be used when the landlord is late in their return of the refund or simply as a reminder by the tenant to request the landlord to return their bond promptly and on time. The tenant can also use the letter before vacating the property to remind the landlords of their obligation to pay on time.

Within the document, there is an opportunity to request either a full or partial refund of the bond. A full refund of the bond should occur when the tenant makes no damages on the landlord's premises, they are not behind on rent, and they fulfilled their contractual obligations in giving proper notice in vacating the premises or leaving when the contract ends. A partial refund should occur when any reasons mentioned above (but not exclusively) are broken.

A partial refund should clearly state the reasons the landlord is withholding a sum of the bond, and both landlord and tenant need to agree on the grounds contractually and the amount of bond the landlord is entitled to withhold due to said reason. With a full bond refund, the document allows you to state the bond paid clearly, and the full bond you expect in return.



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