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Employee Video Release Form


This is a template video release form for adults. This is a form used to obtain the consent of another person to publish particular videos for commercial and/or personal purposes.

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Document Description

Video Consent and Release Form by Employee is a legal document that serves as an agreement between an employee and their employer regarding the creation, ownership, and usage rights of videos or video series produced by the employee in connection with their employment. This document outlines the terms and conditions under which the employee grants the employer permission to use the videos, including recordings of their voice and name, for various purposes determined by the employer.


The purpose of this document is to establish clear guidelines and permissions regarding the creation and usage of videos produced by the employee as part of their job responsibilities. By signing this form, the employee consents to the employer's exclusive ownership of the videos and grants the employer the right to edit, distribute, reproduce, and publicly display the videos indefinitely, even if the employee is no longer employed by the company. This ensures that the employer has the necessary legal rights to utilize the videos for advertising, publicity, commercial, or other business purposes as deemed appropriate.

Importance for the Employer:

  1. Ownership Rights: This document ensures that the employer retains sole and exclusive ownership of the videos created by the employee. It clarifies that all rights, title, and interest in and to the videos, including copyrights and intellectual property rights, belong to the employer.

  2. Usage Permissions: By obtaining the employee's consent through this form, the employer gains the necessary permissions to use the videos for various purposes, including advertising and promotional activities. This mitigates the risk of potential legal disputes regarding unauthorized usage of the videos.

  3. Legal Protection: The Employee Video Recording Consent and Release Form provide legal protection to the employer against any claims, judgments, fees, or damages arising from the use of the videos. It releases the employer from liability and ensures that the employee waives any rights to additional compensation related to the videos.

  4. Clarity and Compliance: Having employees sign this form ensures clarity and compliance with legal regulations regarding intellectual property rights and usage permissions. It establishes a clear understanding between the employer and the employee regarding the ownership and usage rights of the videos produced within the scope of employment.

Overall, the Employee Video Recording Consent and Release Form is an essential document that safeguards the employer's interests while providing necessary permissions for the usage of employee-created content in various business activities.

How to use this document?


1. Provide Employee information: Provide the required details of the employee to ensure we clearly identify the employee in the document.

2. Grant authorization: The employee grants the employer the right to use the videos taken of them. Make sure to specify that this authorization includes the right to edit, enhance, crop, alter, modify, amend, copy, or otherwise make use of the videos.

3. Specify the purpose of the video: Clearly state that purpose for which the video is being created by the employee.

4. Sign and date the document: The Employee should sign and date the document to indicate their agreement.

Note: It is recommended to consult with a legal professional to ensure the document complies with applicable laws and regulations.

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