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Request to School to Change Class

Request to School to Change Class

Placement / Allocation - Different Subjects

Letter to school applying for change of class, with a description of why the child is better fit to the subjects in one class to another class. This is a letter to the school expressing dissatisfaction in the child’s current class allocation and requests for a change of class which is the parent’s or child’s preferred choice.

The rationale being that a specific subject(s) provided by the other class is more suitable for the child since he/she has been taking it in the lower forms and has excelled in it, while also particularly fostering a keen interest in the process, so it is essential that he/she takes the advanced class in his/her senior year. This is in line with the school’s emphasis on the interests of the student apart from simply focusing on academic and extra-curricular records.

The benefits of taking an advanced class include preparing him/her for his preferred subject choice in college which is similar/related to the advanced class, while also being more able to distinguish himself/herself academically among classmates since he/she has very little interest in the other subject(s) in the current class. Lastly, a call for a follow-up meeting (if necessary) is suggested in order to have a deeper understanding of the child's characteristics and assess how suitable he/she is for the other class.

reputable school
good fit
change class
class preference
suitable class
class interest
advance class
college preparation
university preparation
senior class
senior form
class placement
class allocation

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