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Reference / Recommendation Letter for Sport Team

From Parent

Reference / Recommendation letter from a parent recommending that a student be selected for the sport team of the school.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Reference / Recommendation Letter for Sport Team' is a letter of recommendation written to support the application of an individual named 'first last' for a sport team. The letter begins with a formal salutation and provides the current date. The author expresses their recommendation for 'first last' based on their performance during practice trials. It is mentioned that 'first last' has a strong passion for playing sports for the school and has actively participated in sports since primary school.


The author highlights the dedication and hard work exhibited by 'first last' in improving their skills and accuracy since the last season. It is emphasized that 'first last' possesses natural talent and has taken it to the next level through their relentless efforts and desire to excel. Additionally, the letter emphasizes the positive character traits of 'first last', including good nature, an upbeat personality, politeness, and humility.


The author firmly believes that 'first last' will be a valuable asset to any team due to their resourcefulness and determination to succeed. The letter concludes with a request for strong consideration of 'first last's' application, highlighting the belief that they will make the team proud.


In summary, the document serves as a detailed recommendation letter providing a comprehensive overview of 'first last's' passion, skills, character, and potential contribution to a sport team.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Reference / Recommendation Letter for Sport Team' document, follow the steps below:


1. Begin by addressing the letter to the appropriate recipient, including the name and address of the team.

2. Customize the current date to reflect the day of writing the letter.

3. Replace the placeholder 'name' with the actual name of the recipient.

4. Modify the salutation to address the recipient appropriately.

5. Replace 'first last' with the actual name of the individual being recommended for the sport team.

6. Edit the introductory paragraph to reflect the specific practice trials and the applicant's keen interest in joining the sport team.

7. Adapt the following paragraphs to accurately describe the applicant's sports experience, skills, and dedication.

8. Personalize the letter by including specific examples of the applicant's character, intelligence, and talent on and off the field.

9. Consider adding any additional relevant information or anecdotes that further support the applicant's suitability for the sport team.

10. Conclude the letter by expressing gratitude for the recipient's time and consideration.

11. Sign the letter with the appropriate account first name and account last name.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Reference / Recommendation Letter for Sport Team' document to provide a strong recommendation for the desired individual's sport team application.

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