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Letter to School for the Extension of Deadline for Assignment / Assessment

Coronavirus / COVID-19

This is a letter is to school seeking an extension of the deadline for an assessment / submission of assignment due to the coronavirus crisis.

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This is a letter to school seeking an extension of the deadline for an assessment/submission of assignment due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Main Contents of This Document Addresses:

Given the impact of the Coronavirus and the restrictions imposed by the government, it has become impossible for me to complete the assignment in a business-as-usual manner.


How to use this Document? 


Due to Covid-19, restrictions have been made, which have affected student's abilities to complete their assignments.

Consequently, this letter asks for an assignment/assessment deadline extension and requests for an extension of time/deadline to aid the circumstances of the pandemic.

This letter is addressed to the school principal to ask for assessment deadlines due to restrictions/being under quarantine/lockdowns for the time of the coronavirus crisis. 


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