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Apply for Marine Insurance

Full coverage/against all risks

This document can be used as a template to apply for marine insurance for the consignment against all risks. It sets out the particulars of the items, the shipment service and the detail of the shipment.  

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Apply for Marine Insurance' is a formal letter that is used to request insurance coverage for a consignment of goods. The document begins with the account holder's personal information, including their first name, last name, job title, and company. The current date is also mentioned.


The letter is addressed to the recipient as 'dear sirs/madam' and expresses the sender's intention to insure a specific consignment against all risks. The requested sum of insurance coverage is not specified in the document.


The 'particulars' section of the document is used to provide additional details about the consignment. However, this section is left blank in the given document, and no specific information is provided.


The sender mentions that the goods are currently held at a specific location and are waiting to be shipped by a service. The expected shipment date is also mentioned.


The sender emphasizes the need for immediate insurance coverage for the consignment, specifically up to Bombay. They request the recipient to provide the policy as soon as it is ready. Additionally, they seek confirmation that the consignment is already covered by the recipient.


The letter concludes with a closing remark, 'yours faithfully,' followed by the account holder's first name.


Overall, this document serves as a formal request for marine insurance coverage for a consignment of goods. It provides the necessary information about the sender, the consignment, and the desired coverage. The letter is concise and to the point, focusing on the essential details required for insurance processing.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Apply for Marine Insurance' document, follow these steps:


1. Fill in the account holder's first name, last name, job title, and company in the respective fields. This information is crucial for identification purposes.


2. Specify the current date in the designated field. Ensure accuracy to maintain proper documentation.


3. Address the recipient as 'dear sirs/madam' to maintain a formal tone. This ensures that the letter is appropriately directed.


4. Provide details about the consignment in the 'particulars' section. Include relevant information such as the type of goods, quantity, and any unique characteristics. This information helps the insurer assess the risk and determine appropriate coverage.


5. Indicate the current location of the goods and the expected shipment date. This information assists the insurer in understanding the timeline and potential risks associated with the transportation.


6. Clearly state the desired insurance coverage, including the sum insured and the extent of coverage against all risks. This ensures that the insurer understands the specific requirements.


7. Request immediate cover up to the specified destination, in this case, Bombay. This emphasizes the urgency of the insurance coverage.


8. Ask the recipient to provide the policy as soon as it is ready. This ensures that the insured party receives the necessary documentation promptly.


9. Seek confirmation from the recipient that the consignment is already covered. This helps avoid any potential misunderstandings or delays.


10. Conclude the letter with a closing remark, such as 'yours faithfully,' followed by the account holder's first name. This maintains a professional tone and provides a proper ending to the letter.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Apply for Marine Insurance' document to request insurance coverage for your consignment of goods.

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