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Social Media Release Form

Short Form

This is a template image release form for adults. This is a form used to obtain the consent of another person to publish particular photographs for commercial and/or personal purposes.

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Document Description

The Media Release Form is a legally binding agreement that grants and authorizes Media Publisher to use an individual's photograph, video footage, image, likeness, and voice (collectively referred to as the "Media") across various media platforms, encompassing print, digital, and online domains. By consenting to this document, individuals allow Media Publisher to utilize the Media for purposes including promotions, marketing, and informative initiatives, without the obligation of compensation. This comprehensive form underscores key points, such as relinquishing rights to inspect or endorse the final product prior to distribution, and waiving entitlement to any compensation or royalties related to the Media's usage. Furthermore, this document clarifies that all rights and ownership of the Media belong to Media Publisher.

The Media Release Form ensures that participants release the Media Publisher from any potential claims, demands, or actions stemming from the utilization of their Media.

Additionally, the form emphasizes the individual's understanding that this release will remain effective unless explicitly withdrawn in writing via email to the Media Publisher.

This formalized agreement, when signed by the concerned parties, underscores their comprehension of the terms and conditions presented and their voluntary agreement to abide by them

How to use this document?

1. Authorization - The first paragraph authorizes the Media Publisher to use the participant's Media (photograph, video footage, image, likeness, and voice) across various media platforms. This is where the individual provides consent for the intended usage.

2. Waiver of Rights: Explain that the individual waives rights to inspect or approve the final product before distribution, as well as any entitlement to compensation or royalties for Media usage.

3. Media Ownership and Release: Clarify that all ownership rights to the Media belong to the Media Publisher

4. Signature and Date: Provide a space for the participant to sign the form, confirming their understanding of the terms and their voluntary agreement. Include a line for the date of signing.

5. Completion and Distribution: Once the participant signs and dates the form, it's considered complete. Distribute copies to all involved parties, ensuring that each party retains a signed copy for their records.


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