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Joint Venture / Consortium Agreement to Provide Service

3 Parties - Full Indemnity

Looking for a consortium agreement for a specific project? Our unincorporated joint venture agreement covers 3 parties and offers full indemnity between participants. Get the services you need for your project in your specific jurisdiction with our JV leader and participants.

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Document Preview

Document Description

If you're looking for a temporary arrangement to provide services for a specific project in a particular jurisdiction, an unincorporated joint venture/consortium agreement might be the right choice for you. This agreement is drafted for three parties, including a JV leader and participants, with full indemnity between participants. The JV leader intends to provide services, and the participants have agreed to form a joint venture to do so.

Under this agreement, no participant can make any commitment on behalf of the joint venture or any other participant without express, written authorisation. Until the award of the Services Agreement or termination of this agreement, the participants must unanimously agree on any responsibility, obligation, price, or term related to the proposal submitted.

Once the Services Agreement is awarded, the Policy Committee, comprising representatives of each participant, will make decisions on joint venture policies. The JV leader's representative will act as Chairman, convene meetings, and may invite others to attend. If there is disagreement between members of the Policy Committee, the Chairman has a casting vote.

Participants are required to appoint a Local Representative in each locality where they work. The Local Representative is responsible for the obligations under this agreement in that locality. The JV leader appoints a Services Manager, who supervises and manages work performance and reports to the Policy Committee. The Local Representatives work under the Services Manager's directions.

It's important to note that all Participants must act in the best interest of the Joint Venture at all times and resolve any disputes that may arise. The Policy Committee meetings must take place at least as frequently as prescribed in Schedule 1 unless otherwise agreed. Minutes of all meetings must be kept, and copies must be circulated to all Participants.

In summary, this agreement provides a framework for a temporary joint venture or consortium to provide services for a specific project. It includes a JV leader, participants, and a Policy Committee to make joint venture policies. Participants must appoint Local Representatives and work under the direction of the Services Manager. Full indemnity between participants is included in this agreement.

How to use this Document?

1. Understand the Purpose: This agreement is for an unincorporated joint venture/consortium among a JV leader and participants to provide services to a client for a specific project in a particular jurisdiction. Each participant has full indemnity, and the association is temporary.

2. Roles and Authority: No participant has the authority to bind the joint venture or another participant without express written consent. Until the award of the services agreement, unanimous consent of all participants is required for certain matters.

3. Policy Committee: After the award of the services agreement, the policy committee will make decisions on the policies of the joint venture. The representative of the JV leader will chair the committee, and meetings will be held as prescribed in Schedule 1.

4. Local Representatives and Services Manager: Each participant will appoint a local representative responsible for their obligations and responsibilities in that locality. The JV leader will appoint the services manager, who will manage and supervise the performance of the work under the services agreement.

5. Signing the Agreement: The undersigning parties should carefully read the agreement and sign it with their authorised signatory, witnessed to complete the formality.

By following these steps, the participants can establish a joint venture to provide services to a client in a specific jurisdiction for a particular project. The agreement outlines the roles, authority, and decision-making process of the joint venture, ensuring that each participant's interests are protected.


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