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Joint Venture / Consortium Agreement to Supply Products

4 Parties - Full Indemnity

Looking for a consortium agreement for a short-term manufacturing project? Our unincorporated JV agreement with full indemnity & contributions from 4 parties can help.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This document is a joint venture agreement between four parties, the JV Leader, Participant 1, Participant 2 and Participant 3, entered into on the current date. The JV Leader aims to engage in a particular activity, while the other participants have agreed to form a joint venture to work together and develop products. The agreement includes terms and conditions to guide the activities of the joint venture.

The joint venture is established as an unincorporated association under a name agreed upon by the parties, and it is domiciled in the territory named in Schedule 1. The purpose of the joint venture is to manufacture and sell the products, which include related products and any other product approved by the participants. The joint venture will also provide technical services and sales within the territory directly or through a participant or distributor.

The Participants have made an appointment of the JV Leader, and the representative of the Joint Venture as stated in Schedule 1. Any participant that changes its name, or merges with another firm, should communicate the same to all other participants promptly.

The agreement provides that the participants will use their technology, know-how, and scientific management techniques to produce, sell, and provide after-sales services for the products so that all parties can earn satisfactory profits.

The agreement includes clauses that discuss the policy committee, production agreement, works, local representative, and participant's representative. It also states that each party will be liable for its own expenses and obligations.

This joint venture agreement is legally binding, and the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties are enforceable. If a participant breaches its obligations, the other parties may declare the participant in default, and the participant will have a specific period to remedy the default.

In conclusion, this joint venture agreement lays out the expectations and responsibilities of the parties in establishing a joint venture. It includes terms and conditions that guide the operation of the joint venture, ensuring that all parties work together to achieve the objectives of the agreement.

How to use this document?

This document is a Joint Venture Agreement template between four parties, outlining the formation of a joint venture for the purpose of producing and selling products. To use this document, follow these steps:

1. Introduction: The document should be introduced as a Joint Venture Agreement, entered into on the current date between four parties: the JV Leader and three Participants.

2. Background: The background of the agreement should be explained, stating that the JV Leader intends to carry out a certain purpose while the Participants have agreed to form a joint venture to strengthen economic and technological cooperation to produce and sell certain products.

3. Definitions: The agreement includes various definitions, including Agreement, Customers, Territory, Joint Venture, and Works. It is essential to understand these definitions before proceeding further.

4. Joint Venture: The Participants establish a joint venture in the specified Territory under the name provided in the document. The purpose of the joint venture is to produce and sell specific products, provide technical services, and conduct sales in the Territory.

5. JV Leader and Representative: The JV Leader and the representative of the Joint Venture are appointed by the Participants. The participants must confirm the addresses of the Joint Venture.

6. Production and Operation: The Participants must use their technology and know-how to produce, sell, and provide after-sales services for the Products to allow for satisfactory profits.

7. Project Preparation and Submission: The Participants must work together to prepare and submit the Project to the relevant authorities.

8. Participants' Obligations: The agreement outlines the obligations of the Participants, including making financial contributions, cooperating with one another, and submitting reports.

9. Management of the Joint Venture: The management of the Joint Venture is discussed, outlining the responsibilities of the JV Leader, the Policy Committee, and the Participants' Representatives.

10. Decision-making: The document outlines the decision-making process, including the formation of the Policy Committee, quorum requirements, and voting procedures.

11. Confidentiality: The Participants must maintain confidentiality and not disclose information about the Joint Venture or the Project.

12. Termination: The agreement can be terminated if any Participant breaches its obligations or is declared in default.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The agreement specifies the governing law and jurisdiction for disputes.

Using this Joint Venture Agreement template, the parties can form a joint venture to produce and sell specific products, providing technical services, and conducting sales in the specified Territory, while outlining their obligations and responsibilities.

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