Expiration in relation to Tenancy / Lease - Landlord

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Expiration in relation to Tenancy / Lease
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In relation to a lease / tenancy /rental, a notice is given by Landlord to the Tenant on the expiration of lease / tenancy under the Agreement. This is drafted from the perspective of the Landlord.

In accordance with the Agreement which stipulates for early termination, the Landlord notifies the Tenant that the lease / tenancy will expire on Expiration Date.

The Tenant is required to return the said premises to the landlord upon the delivery of vacant possession of the said premises and to make good any damage to the said premise on or before the Termination Date. The Tenant will pay the rent as well as water, electricity and other utilities until the Expiration Date. The Landlord shall refund the security deposit to us on the Expiration Date.

The Tenant will vacate the Premises and hand over the keys to the Landlord on the Expiration Date.
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