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Brand Ambassador Agreement


Looking for a brand ambassador agreement for your company? Our customizable template ensures a seamless partnership with influencers.  

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The Brand Ambassador Agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions between a company and an ambassador who will act as the company's representative in promoting and selling its products and brand. The agreement highlights the importance of the document by emphasizing the role of the ambassador in the promotion and sale of the company's products.


The document begins with an interpretation section that defines key terms used throughout the agreement. It clarifies that the ambassador is an independent contractor and not an employee of the company. The agreement also specifies that the ambassador is responsible for their own expenses and agreements with employees, representatives, and customers.


The agreement then outlines the duties of the brand ambassador, which include promoting the brand and its products through various channels such as social media, lectures, seminars, events, and personal appearances. The ambassador is expected to provide services in a professional and diligent manner, using efforts comparable to industry standards. The agreement also requires the ambassador to create original content that is honest and factual, with approval from the company.


The agreement includes restrictions on the ambassador, such as not engaging in activities without the company's consent, not selling similar products, and not using the company's brand in any domain name. The company also reserves the right to disqualify the ambassador if their sites or social media platforms promote explicit materials, violence, discrimination, illegal activities, or violate intellectual property rights.


The compensation section of the agreement outlines the payment terms for the ambassador. It specifies whether the compensation is fixed or based on a commission. The company agrees to compensate the ambassador for their services and sales of the company's products.


The agreement also includes provisions for termination, confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation, and intellectual property. It clarifies that the ambassador does not have ownership rights to any of the company's intellectual property and must keep all confidential information confidential.


The agreement concludes with miscellaneous provisions, including a force majeure clause, limitations of remedies, notices, and governing law. It states that the agreement is not exclusive and that the parties are free to enter into similar agreements with other parties unless otherwise stipulated in writing.


Overall, the Brand Ambassador Agreement is a comprehensive document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the company and the ambassador in promoting and selling the company's products and brand.

How to use this document?

To use the Brand Ambassador Agreement, follow these steps:


1. Review the agreement: Read through the entire agreement to understand the terms and conditions.

2. Customize the agreement: Fill in the necessary information, such as the names and addresses of the parties involved.

3. Specify the ambassador's duties: Clearly describe the services the ambassador will provide, including the channels they will use for promotion.

4. Set compensation terms: Determine whether the compensation will be fixed or based on a commission, and specify the amount or percentage.

5. Include restrictions: Outline any activities that the ambassador is prohibited from engaging in without the company's consent.

6. Address termination: Define the circumstances under which either party can terminate the agreement and the obligations of the ambassador upon termination.

7. Protect intellectual property: Clarify that the ambassador does not have ownership rights to the company's intellectual property and must keep it confidential.

8. Seek legal advice: Consult with a lawyer to ensure that the agreement complies with relevant laws and regulations.

9. Sign the agreement: Have both parties sign the agreement to indicate their acceptance and agreement to the terms.

10. Keep a copy: Retain a copy of the signed agreement for future reference and record-keeping purposes.

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