Deed of Adherence to Agreement


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Deed of adherence for a party to become a party to an existing commercial agreement (e.g. co-operation agreement) by way of a deed poll.

On [DATE] the persons in the schedule hereto entered into an [AGREEMENT] governing [PURPOSE] (such agreement, as amended and/or novated, the "Agreement").

The Joiner wishes to become a party to the Agreement immediately and wishes to amend the Agreement with the effect that the Joiner becomes a party thereto and as such assumes the rights and obligations under the Agreement.

The Joiner hereby covenants to and undertakes with each of the other persons in the schedule to this Deed and with each such other person who may from time to time expressly adhere to the Agreement (by way of execution of a deed or by way of novation) to be bound by and comply in all respects with the Agreement, and to assume the benefits of the Agreement, as if the Joiner had executed the Agreement and was named as an original party thereto.

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Deed /poa / authorisation / agency / escrow


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Deed of adherence


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