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Sponsorship Agreement where Sponsor has agreed to sponsor the Event and pays the sponsorship fee as a contribution to the cost in a fixed amount. This is drafted in favour of the Event Holder.

The Event Holder is the proprietor and organiser of the Event (as hereinafter defined) and is empowered to grant rights and licences to sponsors of the Event.

The Sponsor has agreed to sponsor the Event and to acquire from the Event Holder certain rights and licences in relation to the Event on the terms set out in this Agreement.

The Event Holder hereby appoints the Sponsor to be the of the Event and hereby grants to the Sponsor the following rights, licences and opportunities:

(a) the right to erect and display advertising boards and banners at the Event in accordance with the provisions set out in clause 8 in the positions shown on the plan attached hereto which shall, where the Event is broadcast, be in the line of the main television cameras;

(b) the licence to use the Marks on stationery used by the Sponsor in respect of its business and in promotional and advertising campaigns in respect of Company Products in such form as shall be approved by the Event Holder (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) provided that no Company Products or packing thereof bearing the Marks may be sold except where a separate licence agreement has been entered into between the Event Holder and the Sponsor;

(c) the right to display and where appropriate sell Company Products at suitable locations at the Premises specified by the Event Holder;

(d) the right to be acknowledged as the sponsor of the Event in all advertising relating to it which is undertaken by the Event Holder;

(e) the right to have the name of the Sponsor prominently displayed on the front cover and one full page of colour advertising in the official programme of the Event ;

(f) the non-exclusive right to erect, occupy or use hospitality facilities at the expense of the Sponsor at suitable locations at the Premises as specified by the Event Holder;

(g) to receive an allocation of X complimentary tickets to each of the days of the Event for use (but not resale) by the Sponsor, its employees, directors, clients or customers, such tickets to be in the highest price seat area and to receive complimentary passes for admission to the car park;

(h) to have the Event staged and publicised as "[EVENT]";

(i) to provide a permanent trophy as approved by the Event Holder to be known as "the [NAME] Cup" which will be suitably inscribed by the Sponsor and will be awarded annually to the winner of the Event;

(j) to have the Team "strip" contain the name of the Sponsor and Company Logo as prominently as may be allowed by the rules stipulated by the Independent Television Commission and any other applicable regulations and to have the Team use the distinctive kit bags which will be provided by the Sponsor.

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