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Recruitment Checklist


This document can be used as a template for a recruitment checklist. It sets out the staff needed, the number of people and the ideal starting date for the staff/employee. It also sets out a detailed plan for recruitment, including the advertising stage, selection and interviewing stage. 

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Document Description

The 'Recruitment Checklist' document is of utmost importance in the recruitment process as it provides a comprehensive guide for hiring new employees. The document is divided into five main sections, each serving a specific purpose.


Section 1: Plan


In this section, the document emphasizes the importance of identifying the staff needed, their roles, and the future plans for the organization. It encourages a thorough analysis of the job requirements and the impact of any changes on the skills required and workflow.


Section 2: Prepare


The second section focuses on the preparation phase. It highlights the need to compile essential documents such as the job description, person specification, job application form, equality & diversity monitoring form, job offer letter template, and information about the employer. It also emphasizes the consideration of references and understanding the rules for hiring non-UK residents.


Section 3: Advertise


The third section provides guidance on advertising the job vacancy. It suggests factors to consider before drawing up the job ad, such as the application process, application screening, and the rate of pay. It also emphasizes the importance of choosing multiple advertising channels and ensuring non-discriminatory wording in the job ad.


Section 4: Handle Applications


In this section, the document guides the user on how to handle applications received. It suggests sending an application pack to applicants, including the necessary forms and information about the organization. It also emphasizes the importance of shortlisting candidates objectively based on the job description and person specification. Additionally, it advises inviting shortlisted candidates for interviews or further assessments and accommodating any reasonable adjustments they may require.


Section 5: Complete Final Details


The final section focuses on completing the final details before hiring the selected candidate. It suggests sending a job offer letter to the successful candidate and conducting pre-employment checks, such as verifying their right to work in the UK and checking references. It also highlights the importance of resolving any employment contract queries and providing necessary information to the new employee before their start date.


Overall, the 'Recruitment Checklist' document serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations to ensure a systematic and effective recruitment process, from planning to finalizing the details of hiring a new employee.

How to use this document?

1. Plan: Identify the staff needed, their roles, and future plans for the organization. Consider any changes in job requirements and their impact on skills and workflow.

2. Prepare: Compile essential documents like job description, person specification, application forms, and employer information. Decide on references and understand hiring rules for non-UK residents.

3. Advertise: Consider factors like application process, screening, and pay rate before drawing up the job ad. Advertise in multiple channels and ensure non-discriminatory wording.

4. Handle Applications: Send an application pack to applicants, including necessary forms and organization information. Shortlist candidates objectively based on job requirements. Invite shortlisted candidates for interviews or assessments, accommodating any reasonable adjustments.

5. Complete Final Details: Send a job offer letter to the successful candidate, conduct pre-employment checks, and resolve contract queries. Provide necessary information to the new employee before their start date.


Focus on following the steps in a systematic manner, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and providing clear communication throughout the recruitment process.

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