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Termination Notice to Employee / Staff

Poor Performance

This is a termination notice / notice to quit issued to the employee as a result of not meeting basic requirements / poor performance. The termination is effective immediately.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Termination Notice to Employee / Staff' is a formal notice that informs an employee of their termination from their position at the account job company. The document starts with the company's information, including the address, telephone number, and email. It is addressed to the employee, with their first and last name and address included.


The content of the document begins with the current date and a subject line stating 'termination notice.' The first paragraph of the document informs the employee that their employment is terminated immediately and that they will receive the standard severance pay for the notice period. It also mentions that the human resources department will contact them regarding their severance package after the required paperwork is submitted.


The document then explains the reason for the termination. It states that the employee has consistently failed to meet the basic requirements of their job and that their performance has been below the company's expectations. Despite assurances from the employee to improve, they have failed to deliver on their promises. The document emphasizes that the termination is a result of the employee's poor performance and lack of improvement.


The document concludes by wishing the employee the best for their future endeavors and providing contact information for any further questions or concerns.

How to use this document?

1. Provide employee information: Fill in the employee's first and last name, address, and contact details in the appropriate fields.

2. Specify termination date: Clearly state the effective date of the termination, ensuring it is immediate if necessary.

3. Mention severance pay: Inform the employee that they will receive the standard severance pay for the notice period.

4. Explain reason for termination: Clearly state the reasons for the termination, emphasizing the employee's failure to meet job requirements and perform adequately.

5. Mention failed promises: Highlight any previous discussions or assurances made by the employee regarding improvement, and emphasize their failure to deliver.

6. Express best wishes: Conclude the document by wishing the employee the best for their future endeavors.

7. Provide contact information: Include contact details for any further questions or concerns the employee may have.

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