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Authorisation Letter to Financial Institution

Authorisation Letter to Financial Institution

Third Party to Operate Account

This document is an Authorisation Letter given to a third party in relation to the operation of an account kept with a financial institution for investment / trading purposes. It allows a third party to operate and maintain an account.

The persons who can monitor the account are outlined in the Table of Authorised Persons (who is not an employee of the Company) hereunder (“the Authorized Person”) to give oral, telephone or written instructions relating to dealing in securities, and sign any documents relative thereto, including but not limited to any purchases, sales, holding, settlement, transfer, deposit or withdrawal of moneys (collectively the “Transaction”) for and on my/our behalf in relation to the Account with effect from.

The document states that the Authorised Person has full authority to act on your behalf and any instructions are binding. Additionally, the Client agrees to be fully liable for any acts or omissions of the Authorised Person and to keep you fully indemnified against all losses and the authorisation is valid until written notice is provided to revoke the undertaking.


How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the Client 

This document should be witnessed to be valid.


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