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Privacy Policy for Financial Institution. This can also be drafted as a Notice on Use of Personal Data. This is drafted in short form.

The personal data provided by client to the Company and in any documentation which comes into existence as a result of client’s opening or maintaining of the Account with the Company, will be used by the Company for the following purposes:-

(a) activities relating to the processing of client’s application to open and maintain the Account, including but not limited to conducting credit reporting through credit report agencies both in [JURISDICTION] and overseas, or the processing of client’s application for grant of credit or margin facilities by the Company or the maintaining and the review of such credit or margin facilities (if applicable);

(b) activities relating to purchasing, selling, investing, exchanging, acquiring, holding, disposing of and generally dealing in and with all kinds of securities on behalf of client;

(c) maintenance of particulars and data in compliance with the statutes and subsidiary legislation which are enacted and effective in [JURISDICTION] relating to securities business and transactions and also in compliance with the codes and regulations of the relevant regulators, the rules and regulations of any Exchange and the Clearing House.

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