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Complaint Letter on Damaged Structures

To Building Department

Letter of Complaint on damaged structures posing dangers to passerby asking Buildings Department to take action.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Complaint Letter on Damaged Structures' is a formal letter addressed to the buildings department of a specific city/region/country. The purpose of this document is to lodge a complaint regarding the damaged structures in a particular area. The letter begins with the sender's information, including their name, address, and email. It is followed by the current date.


The detailed introduction of the entire document highlights the urgency and importance of addressing the issue of damaged structures. It emphasizes the potential danger these structures pose to the area and passerby, as well as the violation of relevant laws and ordinances. The sender expresses their concern and requests prompt action from the buildings department.


The document consists of the following sections:


1. Salutation: The sender addresses the letter to the 'sirs' of the buildings department, indicating a formal tone.


2. Complaint Description: The sender provides a concise overview of the complaint, stating that they witnessed damaged facilities in a specific area on a particular date. They emphasize the seriousness of the situation and the need for immediate action.


3. Violation of Laws and Ordinances: The sender highlights that the damaged facilities are in serious breaches of relevant laws and ordinances. This emphasizes the legal implications of the issue and further justifies the need for intervention.


4. Enclosed Pictures: The sender mentions that they have enclosed pictures of the damaged facilities to provide visual evidence of the bad conditions. This serves as supporting documentation for the complaint and helps the buildings department assess the severity of the situation.


5. Closing and Signature: The sender concludes the letter with a 'yours sincerely' closing and includes their sign block, which typically consists of their name. They also mention the enclosure(s) of the pictures of the illegal structures.


The detailed description provides a comprehensive overview of the document, highlighting its purpose, structure, and key elements.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Complaint Letter on Damaged Structures' document, follow these steps:


1. Address the letter: Replace 'buildings department' with the actual name of the buildings department in your city/region/country. Ensure that the letter is directed to the appropriate authority responsible for handling complaints related to damaged structures.


2. Provide sender's information: Replace 'account last name', 'account first name', 'account address multi line', and 'account email' with your own personal information. This will ensure that the recipient can contact you if necessary.


3. Customize the date: Update 'current date' with the actual date on which you are writing the letter.


4. Salutation: Maintain a formal tone by addressing the recipient as 'sirs'. If you are aware of a specific individual or department within the buildings department, address them accordingly.


5. Complaint Description: In this section, provide a detailed account of the damaged facilities you witnessed. Include the specific location, date, and any relevant details that highlight the severity of the situation.


6. Violation of Laws and Ordinances: Emphasize the specific laws and ordinances that the damaged facilities are breaching. This will strengthen your complaint and demonstrate the legal implications of the issue.


7. Enclosed Pictures: Attach clear and concise pictures of the damaged facilities. Ensure that the pictures clearly depict the bad conditions and support your complaint.


8. Closing and Signature: Conclude the letter with a 'yours sincerely' closing. Sign your name in the sign block to authenticate the letter.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Complaint Letter on Damaged Structures' document to lodge a complaint regarding damaged structures in your area and prompt the buildings department to take appropriate action.

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