Apology Letter - Product Defects / Poor Quality

Misuse / Warranty Expired

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An email or letter of apology regarding feedback on defective goods without offering a refund, return or replacement of product. Politely point out that the product may have been misused by the customer and the warranty period has expired. Offer a trade-in / repair instead.

This template includes:

(a) Acknowledgement of the customer's feedback

(b) Explanation on the preliminary assessment undertaken

(c) the conclusion of the assessment i.e. product was misused by the customer and the warranty period has expired.

(d) Offer a repair or trade-in for a newer model.


How to use this Document?

Upon receiving feedback that the quality of the product is less than satisfactory, this apology letter document may be used as a template to draft an apology and to apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

If the issues were due to other problems not relating to the manufacturer as found by preliminary assessment, this template can be used to politely reject refund, replacement or refund.

Moreover, if there will be no replacement and no refund due to an expired warranty if trade in / repair is an option for the consumer, this is can be drafted in this template. 

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Letter / e-mail / note / correspondence


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quality of product




less than satisfactory














preliminary assessment


no replacement




no refund




expired warranty


warranty expiry


warranty period




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