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Apology Letter - Services

Poor service - Particular Staff

A letter of apology to customer regarding poor service performance. It explains the reason was due to inexperienced staff member and vows to address the issue.

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Document Preview

Document Description

A letter of apology to the customer regarding poor service performance. 

The template provides for:

(a) identification of the staff member responsible for providing poor service

(b) brief summary of the issues faced by the customer 

(c) explanation of the reasons, for instance, the poor service was because of the lack of training or the staff member was new

(d) action being taken to address the issue, for e.g. training to the staff

How to use this Document?

If you have received a complaint from a customer regarding poor services by your staff member then use this template to draft an apology in response to the customer and apologise for the poor service and specify the actions being taken to address the issue.

You need to provide the name of the staff member. Also, the name and address of the addressee should be included clearly in the apology letter for communication purposes.



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