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Complaint Letter to Service Provider

Poor After Sales Service

This a draft letter to complain about poor after-sales services, reasons including bad staff training and behaviour.

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Document Description

This a draft letter to complain about poor after-sales services, reasons including bad staff training and behaviour. It is perfectly legitimate to tell your supplier that you are not happy with their services and that your supplier deserves a second chance to make things right. A written complaint allows the supplier to work on constructive feedback to improve their services and it sets the expectations for both parties (such as deadlines, standards of services, other consequences such as withholding payment until the problem has been sorted out).

The Main Contents of this Document Includes: 

The customer is dissatisfied with the company's after-sales service due to the following reasons:

1. failure to comply with contractual requirements

2. lack of attention to details from the service staff

3. property damage by careless staff

4. lack of maintenance by staff

The customer encloses the complaint letter by seeking urgent attention, in particular, better staff training and remediation in the company's maintenance schedule. 

How to use this Document? 

This complaint letter may be used to draft a letter of complaint to a company after experiencing bad service from their staff or employees. Try not to delay as this will weaken your position, and the supplier may have difficulty in investigating the issue.

It can be used to express a complaint against the company's staff behaviour, training or their poor quality and/or poor service. 

The date of delivery and detailed description of the incorrect/erroneous products should be stated in the Letter of Complaint. Pictures of the products should also be attached as evidence.

Customer information, such as address or bank account number, should be provided for the company to compensate/redeliver the products promptly.


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