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Complaint Letter to Service Provider

Poor Service / Unsatisfactory Service in General

Instantly download a complaint letter to the service provider regarding poor service / unsatisfactory performance of services. If it continues to fall short of the service standards required under then warn the service provider of termination of the service contract.

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Document Description

Complaint Letter for Poor services / unsatisfactory services highlighting the promised service standards, performance issues, resulting in damages and demanding the service provider to rectify the situation within a certain period time. The letter includes a warning to the service provider i.e. if the service provider fails to maintain the standards of service then the contract will be terminated.

How to use this Document?


This complaint letter may be used to draft a letter of complaint to a company after experiencing poor service or unsatisfactory service and/or poor quality of service

Hence, for the sake of mending a business relationship, use this letter template to seek performance of services and meeting the standards of service agreed under the contract.

You can customize the letter by providing specific details of the contract and issues with the service. The name and address of the addressee should be included clearly in the complaint letter for communication purposes. 



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