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Apology Letter - Loss Item / at Premises under Custody


A letter of apology to customer regarding loss of an item in its custody. It offers compensation or replacement of the item, and provides explanation of the loss made.

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Document Description

A letter of apology can turn a negative experience into a positive one for your customer.

If you have lost a customer's item while it was in your custody then it is important to rectify the situation by sending an apology letter to the customer with an explanation of the loss made and offering compensation/replacement of the lost item.

When writing an apology letter, it is important to be polite and to accept responsibility for the mistake so as to make the apology letter more effective.

This template is for a letter of apology to a customer regarding the loss of an item in your custody. The apology letter includes:

(a) acknowledgement of the mistake i.e. a sincere apology for losing the item

(b) an explanation of the loss made, for instance, you  recently moved to a new facility / premises / relocated to a new building /handling error / human error 

(c) assurance to the customer of the corrective steps being taken to prevent such incident from happening again

(d) offering a remedy to the customer such as compensation or replacement of the item


How to use this Document?


This letter can be used to apologize to the customer for losing any item or important document that was in your custody.

You need to add the customer's name and address in the apology letter. You can customize the letter to suit your circumstances by choosing the appropriate explanation for the loss made and the remedy you wish to give to the customer.

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