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Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods

Consigned Goods

Drafting terms and conditions for sale of consigned goods? Get a head start with our document on Seller-consignee agreement. Buy now & acquire legal title.

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Document Description

These terms and conditions govern the sale of consigned goods from a company, ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY, to a purchaser. The definitions section establishes the meanings of the terms used. These conditions apply to all agreements for the supply of goods from the company, and any variations must be consented to by a director of the company in writing.

These terms and conditions take precedence over any other qualification or condition purported to be imposed by the purchaser. Prices quoted for goods are net and exclusive of Value Added Tax, and the purchaser is responsible for paying the carriage of the goods, unless otherwise agreed. Payment for goods must be made within the agreed period, or the company will charge interest on the overdue amount. Goods are delivered from the company’s premises on the delivery date, and the purchaser must inspect them and report any issues within REPORT working days. Until the purchaser has paid in full for the goods and all other monies owed to the company, the goods remain the sole and absolute property of the company. Until the purchaser has paid in full for the goods, they are in possession of them solely as a bailee and fiduciary agent of the company. The purchaser must insure the goods and indemnify the company for loss, damage or destruction of the goods. The purchaser must also store and label the goods separately and identify them as the property of the company until title to the goods has passed to the purchaser. The company may revoke the purchaser's permission to dispose of the goods at any time and shall be entitled to the proceeds of any disposal of the goods by the purchaser.

How to use this Document?

These terms and conditions of sale outline the agreement between ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY and the Purchaser for the supply of goods. To use this document:

1. Familiarise yourself with the definitions of the terms used in these terms and conditions.

2. Understand that these terms and conditions apply to all agreements unless a director of [ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY] specifies otherwise in writing.

3. Prices quoted are net and exclusive of Value Added Tax, payable by the Purchaser. The price payable is the current price at the delivery date, and the prices in the Company's advertising material are not binding.

4. Payment must be made within the agreed time frame. If there is a delay, the Company is entitled to charge interest.

5. Goods will be delivered on the Delivery Date, and the Purchaser will pay for carriage unless agreed otherwise. Risk in Goods shall pass on delivery, and time is not of the essence.

6. The Purchaser must inspect Goods as soon as possible and report any defects or shortages in writing within [REPORT]working days of delivery.

7. Until payment in full, the Goods remain the property of the Company. The Purchaser may dispose of the Goods as its fiduciary agent, provided they remain separate from other goods in the Purchaser's possession and are readily identifiable as the property of the Company. The permission to dispose of the Goods may be revoked at any time by the Company, and in the case of all disposals, the Company shall be legally and beneficially entitled to the proceeds of the disposal.

By following these steps, the Purchaser can understand the terms and conditions of sale and their obligations when purchasing Goods from ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY. It is essential to read and understand all clauses to ensure compliance and to avoid any disputes with ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY.


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