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Reference Letter / Referee - Job Application

Trade Reference (Agreeing to be a Reference)

This is a response to a customer's request for the manufacturer to become a referee. The manufacturer provides this letter as a trade reference. The customer will use this reference for future transactions.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Reference Letter / Referee - Job Application' is a reference letter that is used in the context of a job application. The letter serves as a recommendation for the applicant by the person or organization providing the reference. It is an important document as it can greatly influence the hiring decision of a potential employer.


The entire document consists of a single paragraph and is addressed to a specific individual, referred to as 'first last'. The letter begins with a greeting and expresses gratitude for a previous letter requesting permission to use the writer's name as a reference. The writer acknowledges the requester as a reliable customer and offers support if suppliers approach them for a reference. The letter concludes with a closing and the writer's name and job title.


The document can be divided into two main sections: the introduction and the body. The introduction includes the recipient's name and address, the current date, and a reference line indicating the purpose of the letter. The body of the letter provides a brief but positive assessment of the requester's reliability as a customer and offers support for their request for a reference.


In summary, the 'Reference Letter / Referee - Job Application' is a concise letter that serves as a recommendation for a job applicant. It highlights the requester's reliability as a customer and offers support for their request to use the writer as a reference.

How to use this document?

1. Address the letter: Begin by addressing the letter to the recipient, using their first and last name. Include their address as well.

2. Date the letter: Write the current date on the letter, indicating when it was written.

3. Reference line: Include a reference line that briefly explains the purpose of the letter, such as 'Re: Request for Reference'.

4. Greeting: Start the letter with a greeting, addressing the recipient by their first name.

5. Express gratitude: Thank the recipient for their previous letter requesting permission to use your name as a reference.

6. Acknowledge reliability: Mention that the requester has been a reliable customer during your business together.

7. Offer support: State that you would be happy to support their request for a product reference if their suppliers approach you.

8. Closing: Conclude the letter with a closing, such as 'Sincerely yours'.

9. Sign and print name: Sign your name below the closing and include your job title.


Please note that this guidance is a general outline and can be customized based on the specific context and relationship between the writer and the requester.

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