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Notification to Clients / Suppliers / Service Providers / Business Partners

Request for Appointment to Visit Facility

This is a letter to request for an appoint to visit a facility / plant / showroom.

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Document Description

This is a letter to request for an appoint to visit a facility / plant / showroom. The option to visit these facilities are sometimes not advertised online or stated on its respective websites, making it necessary to write to the owners of these facilities to arrange for one. 

How to use this Document?

This letter should be addressed to the owners / managers of the facilities

It is important to state the reason(s) for the visit. Users should state specifically how he or she may benefit from the visit and express interest in potential future collaborations (such as hosting an event, using their products / services, etc)

Users should also propose alternative dates to give the facilities the flexibility to arrange for such appointments.


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