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Due Diligence Questionnaire / Checklist from a Buyer to the Seller in relation to the acquisition of a business / business assets. The Seller will prepare a data room for the Buyer in accordance to the documents required in the Questionnaire.

Questionnaire sets out information and documents required by the buyer for the purpose of conducting due diligence in relation to the proposed acquisition/ investment by the buyer.

The information and documents requested in this questionnaire are not exhaustive. Further particulars and other information may be required by Buyer based on or arising from the information or documents provided in accordance with this questionnaire. The request for information contained in this questionnaire is not in lieu of the standard warranties and indemnities to be given to Buyer.

The due diligence exercise involves:

A. Business assets - identifying the main assets comprising in the Business (eg customer contracts, trade debts, employees, plants and equipment, IP, IT systems and Property)

B. Financials

C. Taxes

D. Assets including properties, encumbrances and other assets

E. Debts

F. Compliance and Regulatory Review

G. Claims and Litigation

H. Insurance

I. Operations

J. Competition

K. Contracts

L. Intellectual property rights (eg patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, registered designs, domain names, trade secrets)

M. Information technology and data protection (eg IT inventory, software inventory, hardware devices inventory, maintenance contracts and warranties, protection of data policy, ownership of systems and data created, major IT supply contracts)

N. Directors and Employees

O. Connected Transactions

P. Bank accounts

Q. Professional Services

R. Investments

S. Products or Services Under Development

T. Environmental Issues

U. Media and Publicity

V. General

Document Type:

Checklist / guideline / manual / policy / procedures


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