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Business Acquisition - Warranties


Warranties given by a Seller in relation to a business acquisition. This can be inserted as a Schedule to the Business Acquisition Agreement. These Warranties are drafted in Neutral Form.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Business Acquisition - Warranties' is an important document that outlines the warranties and disclosures related to a business acquisition. It provides detailed information about the seller, the business, financial matters, regulatory matters, business assets, contractual matters, litigation and investigations, environmental matters, employees, and insolvency. The document is divided into two parts: Part A - General and Part B - Property Warranties.


In Part A - General, the document starts with information provided by the seller during the preparation and negotiation of the agreement. This includes exhibits such as accounts, corporate documents, licenses, employee information, insurances, material contracts, list of properties, details of cash and indebtedness, pension scheme, intellectual property rights, grants, assets, and others. The document also includes a disclosure section that ensures all necessary facts and matters are accurately disclosed.


Part B - Property Warranties, if applicable, includes specific warranties related to the particular property involved in the acquisition. It is advised to consult a local property expert for specific details as each jurisdiction may have different requirements.


Overall, this document is crucial for both the buyer and the seller as it provides a comprehensive understanding of the warranties and disclosures related to the business acquisition.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Business Acquisition - Warranties' document effectively, follow these steps:


1. Review the document: Familiarize yourself with the entire document to understand its structure and content.

2. Understand the importance: Recognize the significance of the document in outlining the warranties and disclosures related to the business acquisition.

3. Detailed introduction: Read the detailed introduction provided in the document, which highlights the importance of the document and its sections.

4. Review each section: Go through each section of the document, including information provided by the seller, disclosure, authorizations, financial matters, business assets, regulatory matters, contractual matters, litigation and investigations, environmental matters, employees, and insolvency.

5. Consult local experts: If applicable, consult local property experts for specific details related to Part B - Property Warranties.

6. Ensure compliance: Ensure that all necessary information, disclosures, and warranties are accurately included in the document.

7. Seek legal advice: If needed, seek legal advice to ensure that the document meets all legal requirements and protects the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

8. Keep a record: Maintain a record of the document and any amendments or additional agreements related to the business acquisition.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Business Acquisition - Warranties' document and ensure a smooth and legally compliant business acquisition process.

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