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Job Application - Candidate to Employer

Confirmation of Interview

Confirmation of job interview date and time from candidate to employer.

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Document Description

Confirmation of job interview date and time from candidate to employer, providing background information about the job interview.

This letter is written to prospective employer to confirm the interview on [date] and [time] for discussing their experience and suitability for the roles.  

The letter ends by providing a contact number for the prospective employer to contact the candidate to provide additional information or amend the date and time of the interview if needed. 

How to use this Document?


This document should be carefully read by the Individual Employer and Candidate.

The document should be sent to the prospective employer shortly after the invitation for an interview and at least a few days before the proposed date of the interview. 

The candidate should return this as a letter or e-mail to confirm the interview. Should they be unable to attend the scheduled interview and need to reschedule, they should notify the company with the letter and provide information on the available time. 

The interview date and interview time should be clearly stated in the document. 

If either party wishes to amend the date and time of the interview, the document may be sent again signifying the new interview time.


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