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Job Application Cover Letter

Summer Job / Internship

Application to a target company for a summer job / internship and providing summary of experience for the employer to consider.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Job Application Cover Letter' is a formal letter that is typically submitted along with a resume or CV when applying for a job. It serves as an introduction to the employer and provides an opportunity for the applicant to showcase their qualifications, skills, and interest in the position. The letter begins with the applicant addressing the employer by their name and providing their contact information.


The first paragraph of the letter expresses the applicant's interest in any available opportunities for a summer job at the employer's company. It highlights the applicant's desire to work in the specific profession or industry and mentions that the company represents values that align with the applicant's own.


The second paragraph provides information about the applicant's current education. It states that the applicant is pursuing a degree in a specific field and mentions any extracurricular activities or special achievements that demonstrate their dedication and resilience.


The third paragraph highlights the applicant's previous work experience during past summers. It mentions that the applicant has worked in various summer jobs and has gained valuable skills such as communication and teamwork. It emphasizes the applicant's enjoyment of working as part of a team.


The fourth paragraph mentions the applicant's language proficiency, stating that they are fluent in certain languages and have a basic command of another language.


The final paragraph expresses the applicant's gratitude for the opportunity to be considered for an interview. It provides the applicant's contact information and mentions any upcoming travel plans that may affect their availability. The letter concludes with a polite closing and the applicant's signature.


Overall, the 'Job Application Cover Letter' is a comprehensive document that effectively introduces the applicant, highlights their qualifications and experiences, and expresses their interest in the position.

How to use this document?

1. Address the employer: Begin the letter by addressing the employer by their name and providing your contact information.

2. Express interest in the position: Clearly state your interest in any available opportunities for a summer job at the employer's company and mention the profession or industry you wish to work in.

3. Highlight education and achievements: Provide information about your current education, including the degree you are pursuing and any relevant extracurricular activities or special achievements.

4. Emphasize work experience: Mention any previous summer jobs you have worked in and highlight the skills you have gained, such as communication and teamwork.

5. Language proficiency: If applicable, mention your language proficiency and any additional languages you can speak.

6. Request for an interview: Express your gratitude for the opportunity to be considered and request an interview. Provide your contact information and mention any upcoming travel plans that may affect your availability.

7. Polite closing: Conclude the letter with a polite closing and your signature.


Note: It is important to customize the letter according to the specific job and employer, highlighting relevant qualifications and experiences.

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