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Job Application Cover Letter

Application for Managerial Post

Application for a managerial post by a candidate providing summary of experience for the employer to consider.

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Document Description

The Job Application Cover Letter is a document that is used to apply for a specific job position. It serves as an introduction to the employer and highlights the importance of the applicant's qualifications and experiences. The letter starts with the applicant addressing the employer by their last name and includes the current date. The applicant mentions how they learned about the job position, whether it was through an advertisement or a referral from a friend or agent.


The letter then goes on to state that the applicant has enclosed their resume for the employer's consideration. The resume showcases the applicant's broad management experience in a specific area. The applicant emphasizes their specific experience and specializations, gained from their previous working experience at a specific company.


The applicant further highlights their achievements during their time at the previous company. They mention that as the head of a team, they managed a certain number of people and had specific responsibilities. They also mention that they were able to increase the company's revenue by a certain amount or save the company a specific amount through innovative sales and marketing channels or cost-cutting strategies.


The letter concludes with the applicant expressing their eagerness to prove their abilities to the employer and requesting an opportunity for an interview. The applicant provides their contact information, including their phone number and email address. They also mention that they will be available for contact during a specific period, except for certain dates when they will be traveling. The letter ends with the applicant expressing gratitude for considering their application and expressing their anticipation of meeting the employer in person.

How to use this document?

1. Address the employer: Begin the letter by addressing the employer by their last name and include the current date.

2. Mention how you learned about the job position: State whether you saw an advertisement or were referred by a friend or agent.

3. Enclose your resume: Attach your resume to the letter for the employer's consideration.

4. Highlight your qualifications and experiences: Emphasize your broad management experience in a specific area and mention your specific experience and specializations gained from previous work.

5. Showcase your achievements: Mention your accomplishments during your time at a previous company, such as increasing revenue or implementing cost-cutting strategies.

6. Express eagerness for an interview: Request an opportunity for an interview to further discuss your qualifications.

7. Provide contact information: Include your phone number and email address for the employer to reach you.

8. Specify availability: Mention the dates when you will be available for contact and note any travel plans.

9. Express gratitude and anticipation: Thank the employer for considering your application and express your anticipation of meeting them in person.

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