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This document can be used as a joining letter format to the company. Acceptance of Job offer by a candidate - A Joining Letter to indicate the intention to join the company after a job offer acceptance. 

The document could also be used as an acceptance to an internship offer letter from a company. 

This joining letter format can be used to draft an Acceptance of Job offer by a candidate. The letter can be used to indicate the candidate’s intention to join the company.

The candidate gives thanks to the employer for their offer and accepts the designated position in their team. In accepting their job offer, the candidate agrees to report to the company’s human resources department/office on the specified date and time.

Additionally, the candidate thanks to the company for the opportunity to meet the team during the interview, and for considering him/her as a candidate and welcoming him/her to the team.


How to use this Document?


This joining letter may be used when a candidate wishes to accept a formal offer of employment for a company.

This document can be customised to include all necessary information which the candidate would like to express to the employer upon their acceptance of the offer. 

The joining letter may also include details which the candidate would like to further discuss with the employer.

While it is uncommon to renegotiate any details, the candidate may request to do so in the letter.

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