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Website Goods and Services E-mail

Account Lapse / Non-renewal

This is an email notifying the expiry/ lapse of the account and warning of suspension/ termination of services if the account is not renewed. Includes information on the Product Name, Quantity, Term, and Price of the Products that are not being renewed.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Website Goods and Services E-mail' is an important communication sent to customers regarding their website account. The purpose of this email is to inform the customer about the expiration or non-renewal of their account and provide details about the products, quantities, terms, and prices associated with their account. The email also includes information about the subtotal, tax, and total amount due. It emphasizes the importance of renewing the account to continue using the website services.


The email begins with a greeting to the customer and states the reason for sending the email. It highlights that the customer's account has lapsed or not been renewed. The email then proceeds to provide a detailed breakdown of the products associated with the account. Each product is listed separately, along with its quantity, term, and price.


After listing the products, the email provides information about the subtotal, tax, and total amount due. It emphasizes that until the payment is received, the customer will not be able to use any of the website services with this account. The email then instructs the customer to log in to their account using the email address where they received the notice in order to renew the account.


The email also mentions that if the account is not renewed, it will be temporarily suspended until the issue is resolved. It states that any unused credits will be automatically forfeited upon expiry. The credits can be used to redeem documents on the website, with a conversion rate of 1 credit = US$x.


Furthermore, the email informs the customer that their current account has a certain number of credits, which can be retained if renewed within a specific number of months after the expiry. It warns that the account will be deactivated after the specified number of months, and the customer will no longer be able to recover or use any information saved in the account.


The email concludes with a closing remark from the website team, including the account first name, account last name, account job title, and account job company. It also mentions that the message was generated automatically and advises the customer not to reply to the message.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Website Goods and Services E-mail' document, follow these steps:


1. Read the email: Carefully read the email received from the website team regarding your website account. Pay attention to the subject line and the sender's name to ensure it is a legitimate communication.


2. Understand the account status: Determine whether your account has lapsed or not been renewed. Take note of the consequences mentioned in the email, such as the inability to use website services until the account is renewed.


3. Review the product details: Examine the breakdown of products provided in the email. Note the names of the products, their quantities, terms, and prices. Ensure that the information matches your expectations and previous agreements.


4. Calculate the total amount due: Use the information provided in the email to calculate the subtotal, tax, and total amount due. Verify that the calculations are accurate and align with your understanding of the pricing.


5. Renew the account: Follow the instructions in the email to renew your account. Log in to your account using the email address specified in the email. Look for the renewal option or contact customer support if you encounter any difficulties.


6. Understand credit usage: If the email mentions credits associated with your account, familiarize yourself with their value and purpose. Determine if you have any unused credits and consider redeeming them for documents on the website.


7. Take note of account deactivation: Be aware of the timeframe mentioned in the email for account deactivation. If you do not renew your account within the specified number of months after expiry, you will lose access to any information saved in the account.


8. Contact customer support if needed: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the email or the renewal process, reach out to the website team's customer support. They will be able to provide further assistance and clarification.


By following these steps, you can effectively navigate the 'Website Goods and Services E-mail' document and ensure a smooth renewal process for your website account.

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